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Before meeting Kenneth, I thought all I need was a will and everything will be taken care of. Since Singapore has no estate taxes unlike other countries, I reckon nothing could reduce the value of my estate. But I was wrong. Ever since I went to Kenneth’s seminar, everything changes. He shown me how my estate can eventually be reduce to a value that I was shock. I contact Kenneth immediately to go through my estate plan and he shown me the way to avoid this. I was glad I avoided a disaster.


Kenneth is very knowledgeable about estate planning. Kenneth took great effort in listening to me and understand my feelings and priorities totally. During our meet up, Kenneth is not pressuring and he offers me thoughtful advice and opinions about my estate planning. Kenneth is the guy to find for complex estate planning issues, because he will give u a simple yet thorough explanation to your issues. Finding someone who can explain what is estate planning may be easy, but not everyone can put it in layman’s term. Furthermore, it is hard to find someone who can caters a specific plan that caters only to me. I’m glad Kenneth is there to help me in the long run.


I’m a doctor. I’ve seen life and death. There are times where I’ve seen patients pass away without proper estate planning, leaving a huge mess of the distribution of assets to their family members, among other issues as well. Having seen such situation, I was afraid that I would have to face the same fate sooner or later. I therefore approached Kenneth for his advice. At first, I thought, “well, all I need is a will right?” Not exactly so actually. There are times where I would acquire new assets, yet it was not accounted for in the will I did previously. Kenneth not only advised me, he manage it for me. Estate planning is a continuous effort. It is not as simple as writing a will and that it. Finding the right estate planner who can advise and manage it well, it’s not easy. I’m glad I found Kenneth.

I’m getting on in age now. I always wonder what will happen to my assets after I die, and how am I going to distribute them to my children. I don’t want them to dispute over this. And my wife, will she be left with nothing? I have no time to manage this. All these are burning questions in my mind before I meet Kenneth. After meeting him, it’s like as if a huge boulder has been lifted off me. Kenneth explains to me in great details about the distribution of assets and how I can allocate specific amounts to each of my family members. Without Kenneth, I would probably still be having the headache from those burning questions. Kenneth is definitely the go-to expert for estate planning.

This book has captured the essence and importance
of planning one’s WILL & Estate. Sound advice
coupled with real-life stories provide excellent impetus
for everyone to kick start their planning NOW!

Gurunath Hari Author of The 6 Dimensions

Family Legacy – Pass It On Without Hassle is
Kenneth’s clarion call for action. Masterfully written,
it is filled with real-life stories through which Kenneth
delivers critical information in simple, bite-size form
for the man-in-the-street.

Dr Lee K.AMBBS, FRCR, FAMS Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Family Legacy – Pass It On Without Hassle is an
antidote to procrastination which is the real reason for
putting off Will and Estate Planning.

Patsy Chia Author of Retirement Reset

This book is key for any businessman who has labored
to build his business assets for his family. It is time for
him to prioritize making time to protect and preserve

Zheng Libin Author of Wealthy Women

Finally, a book that cuts through all the legal jargon
and perceived complexities by providing simple
instructions in doing up one’s Will and estate planning

Kevin KanAuthor of The Hi-po Hypothesis

This is a book as much for families with children as
for couples without children, singles and families with
special needs children. It is a must-read for everyone
who has a loved one to care for.

James TongAuthor of Ignite

Kenneth is engaging and informative.enjoyed and learnt a lot from this session.


It is very informative & touch on aspects that I have no idea about

Qing Yun

Our staff found your presentation on Family Legacy-Pass It On Without Hassle to be very informative and clear through real-life examples and experiences. We have certainly benefited in knowing the importance and the process of penning a Will. 

Mrs Lim, Chairperson, PDS Committee


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